Sunday, September 13, 2015

So, I'm actually blogging.


I've had this "blog" page for a few years now, I believe, and I've never bothered even to look twice at it. So why now?

Well, as background, I'm a [now redacted] old kid with the thought patterns of a 9-year old. Specifically, I go through phases, in the way that a younger kid might like Transformers one year, Legos the next, etc. except for me it's usually stuff that's a bit more mature and often having to do with tech. And the thing is, I need a way to keep track.

Also, I'm apparently quite annoying with the thoughts and ideas I post to social media sites. :P

This blog will serve the dual purpose of both letting me keep track of what phase I'm in, what I do, and how I change, as well as hopefully letting me share the few meaningful ideas I have with the world.

Here are the phases I can recall, starting after I graduated from the plastic action figures and cheap building blocks I played with as a kid. (I only call these phases because I got really into them: I have thoughts and ideas floating around all the time, but most of them I just never get into):

  • (2011-2013...) Speedsolving, or the competitive solving of Rubik's cubes and similar puzzles. Hobby died when my school's competitive speedsolving team died.
  • (2011- ) Gaming, specifically in action-adventure games and FPS's. This interest has gradually tapered off, but I still play games often.
  • (2012- ) Computer hardware, construction, overclocking, and modding. Still love it, search for upgrades to my computer every day.
  • (2012) Bladed weapons, including knives, swords, and tomahawks. 
  • (2013) Ocarina...??? (Stemmed from LoZ OOT, of course)
  • (Late 2013) Around this time I had a few weeks where the only thing on my mind was how to convince my parents to allow me to buy a 3D printer. Never did happen until I ended up buying one myself.
  • (2014- ) Military. Went to two military camps, still consider it a possible (although somewhat unlikely) career path.
  • (2014) Airsoft, and airsoft mechanics.
  • (2014) Firearms, and firearm mechanics. Stemmed from airsoft, but has since developed independently of airsoft.
  • (2014 -) Somewhat high-end cameras. I now own a Lumix G5 that my father procured for just $150, an Olympus XZ-1 that my father procured for just $110 (at the time it was still good), and am looking into making a joint investment with my father in a Sony Alpha A7.
  • (2015 - ) Watches, and watch mechanics. Recasing watches is fun.
  • (2015 - ) What I can describe as my most current phase, 3D printing (again), Reprap, and a bunch of other stuff relating to CNC. The difference is, this time I actually have a 3D printer! 

(Possible future phases)

  • Hobby electronics, i.e. the stuff that is usually associated with Arduinos, breakout sensors, and little servo motors. Robots are pretty fun.
  • Audio. Never really heard high-end audio until recently, so I didn't know what I was missing out on, but ever since I did I've wanted a set of nicer headphones.
  • Casting (probably with urethane plastics). 3D printing is awesome, but the parts are just so weak.
  • Machining. Same reason as above, though it would take a lot more in resources to get started.
  • Leatherworking. I actually brought this up as a joke to a friend, but since then I've realized it might be something I'd actually enjoy.
Did I miss anything?

I'm looking forward to having a free outlet to keep track of and share my thoughts. Hopefully this blog might actually prove of some usefulness, whether it's to me or anyone else.

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